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It is said that the food you eat defines your health. Day after day, we are exposed to shocking stories about food borne diseases, contaminated food, poisoned vegetables and whatnot. Our daily intake of food has become our greatest concern. Everyone wants to give his or her family the healthiest food. Period. “How can I ensure the health and happiness of my family” is a question every homemaker frequently asks. The answer is Panda Foods.

At Panda Foods, we are committed to making the world a healthy place to live. With a wholesome range of food products, we strive to bring the healthiest Organic Food Products and other foods to the customers – the same quality food we serve to our family.

Panda Foods (India) Pvt.Ltd. came into existence in 1989. The actual history dates back to 1953 when some of the founding members debuted in the food industry. Apart from this, we have a well-known retail chain of supermarkets in the Middle East, established in the year 1973.

When the freshest ingredients, state-of-the-art technology and futuristic packaging combine with the commitment to make the world a healthy place to live, the result is an unmatched range of wholesome products.

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To make the world a healthy place to live in


To make the world a healthy place to live in by PROVIDING HEALTHY FOOD TO ALL at the best quality with full honesty and sincerity.
Logo It's a celebration of great taste, unmatched quality and uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction – Panda Foods.
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